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Thailand is an ideal destination to visit as well as to settle down in, making the city a competitive property market for buyers and sellers. If you have a commercial or residential property you want to sell from homes and condos to shophouses and offices, you want to ensure you find the right buyer. But how to find a buyer who loves your property as much as you do and is agreeable to your pricing and terms? This takes more than a Facebook posting or a classified ad.

Also, once you’ve found potential buyers who start negotiating, how can you be sure they are serious offers? How do you determine the best price? Do you understand which payment terms are in your best interest? You can do all this alone, or you can rest easy and benefit from our expertise. This requires partnering with trustworthy real estate experts like you can find at Aspire.

Aspire understands selling property in Thailand can be complicated and is committed to obtaining the best deal that matches our clients’ best interest. Using our market knowledge, well-established network, along with meticulous market research, we can help sellers attract buyers and help them navigate the process to a successful sale.


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Aspire assesses and analyzes for a targeted approach

Selling for a profit is the goal, but there are other considerations that should be calculated into your property sale. Aspire endeavors to cover every angle, including:

  • Pricing: What do you think your property is worth? Is this a realistic amount or should your expectations be adjusted? Have you considered taxes and fees in your calculations?
  • Timing: How quickly do you want to sell your property? Do you need the proceeds because you are buying a bigger/smaller place?
  • Flexibility: Are you looking to get paid in full upfront, or would you be open to a rent-to-own 

As your trusted real estate agent, we would ask you these questions and more, making sure we focus our concentration on fulfilling your selling goals by attracting the right potential homeowners and investors to identify the ideal buyer for your property.

Trust your Aspire agent to be by your side

After we have a comprehensive picture of your needs, we develop and implement a strategy tailored to you, which includes:

  • Working with you to confirm that your pricing is in line with your property’s value and timeline, conducting thorough market research regarding similar properties. Designing a marketing strategy that reaches targeted potential buyers.
  • Liaising with buyers and buyers’ agents on property showings.
  • Assisting you through any negotiations, keeping focus on your best interests.
  • Offering power of attorney services and assistance with repatriating funds for overseas sellers.
  • Accompanying you through signing, transfers, and every stage until you receive payment and hand over the keys.

We understand that selling a property can be a stressful undertaking, which is why we are available to our customers to answer any questions and offer the best advice we can as we work together to sell your property.

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